Extending hands to do our bit in the process of making a difference. Help and support our causes, so that WE (along with YOU) can make someone’s life better.


Tameer With Us
Tameer Nest
GOAL: ₹ 5,00,000
Tameer nest is an initiative to help the orphans and elderly left in the dark by their dear ones to come together and create a peaceful world of their own. Let’s make a difference together. Stand together and help each other.
Tameer With Us
Food Distribution
GOAL: ₹ 1,00,000
The GHI (Global Hunger Index) report of 2019 points out that India is suffering from serious hunger problems. Amongst 117 countries, India ranked 102 with a score of 30.3, below other South Asian countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
Tameer With Us
Blood Donation Camp
GOAL: ₹ 50,000
Our country requires 12mn units of blood annually, out of which 9mn units are collected. This means India is facing a shortage of 3mn units of blood per year. Several people die every day because of the lack of blood.


We accept money, kindness, support, motivation, positivity, and help in all shapes, forms, and sizes. If you have the intention to help, we welcome you wholeheartedly. You can contribute by

  • Becoming a grassroots volunteer.
  • Donating to the foundation.
  • Working with Tameer as full-timers as well as freelancers.
  • Spreading the word about Tameer, it's work, ethics, goals, and challenges.
  • Joining the fundraising aids.
  • Providing creative ideas for campaigns, activities, marketing, and development of the NGO.

Working with an NGO is not only fulfilling but it also broadens your horizons. It shows you the society you’ve never known.

Become a Volunteer


Current operation and program spending breakdown

  • Shared Nest
  • Rehabilitation of Acid Attack Survivor
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Development Work
  • Fundraising
  • Governance
Tameer With Us

Governing Board

Tameer With Us

Mir Muzaffar U Zaman

Trustee, Tameer

With over 13 years of corporate experience, Mir Muzaffar is a passionate business growth hacker and a successful operations leader. In the corporate world, he is well known for his fixing skills as he can prevail in all kinds of troubled waters. No matter how small or huge a problem is, Mir has it all covered.

Now, as he finds himself with a successful career, Mir decided to establish Tameer. He has always believed in going the extra mile if that can make a difference and bring upon a positive change. As he takes on the role of a Settler, his main aim is to provide warmth and give courage to those in need. He wants Tameer to be a community where one can find hope, care, compassion, courage, and enormous possibilities.



Divya Sharma

Trustee, Tameer

 Working as an HR Director and a remote consultant, Ms Divya Sharma will be taking over the role of Management Trustee for providing Administrative support to Tameer's Team. A quick learner, well-organized, passionate, supportive, self-starter one, paying much for details and strong human skills is what appropriate defines her traits.

With having an enormous amount of experience and a great passion for Training, Expertise Acquisition, Career & community development, Recruitment & Selection, and Human Capital Management, Divya is an extremely beneficial source for Tameer.

With her thorough understanding of human capabilities, her amalgamation with Tameer stands as an affirmation to her dedication towards empowering women and the distress to experience a life of honour and privilege.



Tameer With Us
Tameer With Us

Naresh Sharma

Trustee, Tameer

A skilled speaker and a clear-headed manager with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Naresh is a bundle of unlimited energy and likes to be fast on his feet. He is known for his professionalism, multitasking abilities, attention to detail and self-motivated attitude.

Naresh is also a motorbike enthusiast and an avid traveler, driven by passion. Whenever he is not enclosed in his cubicle, one can find him exploring the mountains or doing social work. From a young age, he was drawn to the sufferings and shortcomings of society. But when he traveled across India on his motorbike, he saw the real India, the real suffering and the real need to be a change. He believes that his journey has inspired, taught and shaped him as an individual. It showed him the importance of asking for help and believing in the goodness of people.

His understanding, compassion and will to make someone's life better, is what connected him with Tameer. As he takes over the role of Trustee in Tameer, he wishes to design campaigns and implement training programs for Child's education and development. He firmly believes that well-fed and well-taught kids are the key to a better society.



Sukhpreet Singh

Trustee, Tameer

With the aim of creating a place of inspiring professionals geared towards driving change, Sukhpreet has been actively motivating everyone around him. With over 10+ years of experience and hands-on experience operations, Business management and team building, Sukhpreet is currently working as Associate Director at GirnarCare.

He believes that we as blessed human beings are given the privilege to help the distress and the needy and we should actively take part in creating a much-needed change for the ones who need our help. Before Tameer, Sukhpreet had also been a part of yet another NGO who helped the community in numerous ways. Sukhpreet embodies the quality of a modern-day social entrepreneur and plans to shape Tameer's trajectory to help the ones in need.



Tameer With Us