Tameer is a community that focuses on healing and empowering those who are vulnerable, hurt and unprivileged. Our priority is to fight against hunger, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination, unemployment, exploitation, malnutrition, animal abuse and crimes against women. For achieving the same, we are contributing to the following causes

Old Age Nest

Tameer With Us

According to the SRS report, 2013, the share of the elderly population in India amounts to 8.6%, which means 103.9 million people are above the age of 60 years. It is also estimated to increase to 20% in 2050. With increased life expectancy, gender inequality and poverty are slowing down the development pace. As a society, we need to take timely actions.
Just like children, elderlies have the most innocent smiles with a charm of experience. But those smiles have become stiff because of constant neglect, abuse, poverty, and loneliness. Most of them are deemed as a burden, unworthy to be taken care of and are abused by their relatives. Many of them are stricken harsh by poverty and can’t fend for themselves. Then some are either retired and alone or are bedridden and need constant care. As a part of the responsible society, Tameer wants to step in and create an old age nest where those warm smiles can bloom again.

  • Enabling them to live a dignified and healthy life.
  • Making them self-reliant.
  • Ensuring their basic needs are met.
  • Providing healthcare.
  • Providing rehabilitation post-traumatic experience.
  • Working for the improvement of elder policies in the country.
  • Filling their void with constant care, compassion, and availability.

Acid Attack Survivor Rehabilitation

Tameer With Us

According to a research done by Acid Survivors Foundation India, approximately 500-1000 are legally reported per year excluding the unreported incidents. Acid attacks became a punishable offense only after 2013, yet there is no decrease in the number of attacks. More strict rules, regulations, and punishments should be enforced to stop acid attacks. These attacks not only scar one's body but their lives too. The survivors are constantly scarred by the society with their rejections, discrimination, stigma and social exclusion. Tameer wants to give courage to these survivors and help them return to be the independent and strong women they once were. At Tameer, we will stand by the side of these acid attack survivors and help them by:

  • Reaching out to them.
  • Becoming their support system.
  • Providing medical assistance and counselling.
  • Enabling them to live an independent life.
  • Providing education and employment assistance.
  • Providing legal assistance.
  • Assisting with rehabilitation post-trauma.
  • Collaborating with other similar NGOs for combined efforts.
  • Spreading awareness and empowering women.

Child Care, Education, and Development

Tameer With Us

A society's soul can be seen in the way it treats its children. Unfortunately, as a society, we are far from being kind and responsible. If we, as a society and as individuals were responsible enough, there would have been no hungry children on the streets begging for a warm meal.
At Tameer, we believe that there are no unwanted children just irresponsible adults. So, we are going to stop being the bystander. Tameer is planning to build a place where everyone can feel welcomed and at home. A place where children are well-fed, well-educated and are taken care of with warmth, love, and responsibility. Tameer will be:

  • Rescuing children.
  • Providing home.
  • Providing healthcare.
  • Providing free education.
  • Fighting malnutrition.
  • Teaching moral and ethical values.
  • Providing vocational training.