At Tameer, we want to give hope, warmth, and courage to those who are being neglected, discarded and being deprived of their rights. Also creating a network of NGOs, businesses, government, and media for easy navigation and implementation of the tasks.

Current Fund Raising

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Food Distribution

The GHI (Global Hunger Index) report of 2019 points out that India is suffering from serious hunger problems. Amongst 117 countries, India ranked 102 with a score of 30.3, below other South Asian countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Hunger is one of the most alarming issues in society today. At Tameer, we know and understand that a fight against hunger is a long battle. So even though we can’t feed all, we are adamant to feed one to many. Our current goal is to plan a food distribution campaign. We are currently locating hunger spots in Jaipur and nearby villages. We plan to set up food camps at 5 such hunger spots for our first food distribution campaign. Under this campaign, we will be distributing food supplies and cooked meals to those living on the streets and needy.

We will be accepting donations soon. So, help us put smiles on people’s faces and food on their plates.

Upcoming Fund Raising

We accept money, kindness, support, motivation, positivity, and help in all shapes, forms, and sizes

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Blood Donation Camp

Another pressing issue in India is the increasing number of deaths due to the shortage of blood. Our country requires 12mn units of blood annually, out of which 9mn units are collected. This means India is facing a shortage of 3mn units of blood per year. Several people die every day because of the lack of blood.

To bridge the gap between demand and supply of blood, blood donation is a perfect way. At current, our country requires more than 38,000 blood donations every day. If 2% of India’s youth can donate blood once a year, then we can easily overcome the problem of blood shortage.

To contribute our bit, Tameer is currently working towards collaborating with government hospitals, blood banks, and other fellow organizations. Our current goal is to organize 7 blood donation camps in 7 days in different colleges, universities and corporate offices of Jaipur. Further details of blood donation camps will be updated soon.

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Mentors Under The Tree

Currently, Tameer is designing a campaign “Mentors under the tree” which will focus on guiding underprivileged children in the right direction. Under this campaign, our volunteers will visit different villages and organize classes under the trees.

The main idea behind organizing these classes is to listen to the children of villages. Our mentors will help these children with their homework, listen to their problems, give moral lessons, teach different subjects and skills, provide career counseling, and guide them through challenges. With this campaign, we hope to bring a positive change in the lives of these children.